It’s not too late to get a rebate. Find out all about STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates), if you are eligible and how to claim any applicable solar hot water rebates. You can still save around $1000 on average.

STC Certificates Explained

STC’s (Small Scale Energy Certificates) are designed to encourage the use of renewable energy by attributing a carbon saving value to equipment that uses renewable. In the case of solar hot water, a system is tested to establish how much carbon it will save compared to conventional water heaters and a number of carbon credits (STCs – Small Scale Energy Certificates) is attributed to what becomes an accredited solar hot water system,.

1 STC is the equivalent of 1 tonne of greenhouse gasses OR 1 megawatt hour of energy saved over the first 10 years of its life.

Roughly speaking 20 STCs is the number required for a solar hot water heater to save 60% of your water heating bill.

When you install a solar hot water heater you have the ability to create STC’s and then sell them to organisations that need to buy them to meet their Renewable Energy Target (RET). The value of STCs fluctuates on the basis of supply and demand as with any tradable commodity. The simplest way for a householder to trade their STCs is by using a broker. We recommend Greenbank who, over many years, we have found to be honest and efficient. You may, of course use any broker.

STC System Calculator

In Victoria

If you are installing solar hot water as a replacement to an existing hot water heater you may also qualify for more tradable carbon credits in the form of VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) – a scheme operated by The Victorian Essential Services Commission.

To calculate the number of VEECs you may be eligible for go to :-

and complete the information in the on-screen Calculator

Rebate Application Forms

Download the application form/s by going to: when you are ready to install your system, Please note you must make application within 12 months of installation

Complete this form and be sure to follow the check list to ensure that you submit your form/s to Greenbank with all the necessary documentation (eg Certificate of Compliance, invoice, rates Notice etc)

Not all systems on this site have spent the money (about $10,000 per type of system) on gaining the solar rebate accreditations, and in part, this explains why they are so much less expensive than other systems listed.

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