Get the truth about Solar Hot Water

Some Honest Solar Hot Water Answers

We often have people tell us that it is not worth installing solar hot water in Melbourne, because of our climate. So, is it actually worth it? do you actually save money? Do you end up paying the same in gas because of your booster? These answers may bring clarity to your confusion.

It’s so cold in Melbourne, so why would Solar Hot Water save me money?

You most definitely do save money! Solar Hot Water works on Ambient temperature as well as infared heat. Do you remember those cold and windy, yet sunny days, where you have to wear a jumper, but then you hop in the car and it’s stifling hot? well that’s what Solar Hot Water works like. The water inside of the panel or tube is not exposed to direct air temperature. What that means is that you do not need boosting on those days, because the water is being significantly heated.

In Victoria, you can reasonably expect to have free hot water 8 to 9 months of the year, always depending on your habits and how you are boosting your water.

It’s only worth it if you live up in somewhere like Queensland

You actually save more money in Victoria by installing Solar Hot Water than installing it in Queensland. That’s right! It’s because of the incoming water temperature. In Victoria, our cold water temperature can be anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees. In Queensland, their cold water is around 20-22 degrees. That means that if you use a gas hot water in Queensland, your using less gas. When you install a solar, the savings you see are not as significant because you had a smaller bill to start off with.

Comparatively, in Victoria, you start off with a larger gas bill with a gas hot water, because of the cold water temperature. Installing solar hot water means that your bill will significantly reduce, but you would see a larger reduction than if you were in Queensland!

Solar Hot Water boosted with a woodfire? Isn’t that contradictory?

This could not be further than the truth! When you burn wood, the carbon dioxide that is given off from the wood burning is less than 20% of the carbon dioxide that was absorbed during the tree’s lifetime. That means that if you plant a tree for every five trees worth of firewood you burn, than you have an entirely carbon neutral hot water system. Unlike electricity or gas boosting, wood is renewable, and it is a truly renewable way of boosting your solar hot water.

Flat Panels are far less efficient than Evacuated Tubes

Unfortunately, the Solar Hot Water industry is an industry which is full of misinformation. As we say to every customer of ours, you can find a systems efficiency by looking at it’s STC rating. The more STC’s a system qualifies for, the more efficient the system is. Long answer short: Yes, evacuated tubes are much more efficient in Melbournes climate. However, No, they are not greatly more efficient. You can find your systems STC rating either looking through our products, or on the ORER registry

Solar Hot Water is so much more expensive than Gas or Electric Hot Water, why do I pay more?

When you buy a gas or electric, are you buying solar collectors? when you buy a gas or electric, are you buying a separate booster? How hot can it get in a gas or electric tank? Also, how much does the plumber charge when he is connecting all of these things up? Because a Solar Hot Water has annual fluctuating water temperature, if you had a standard hot water system, the tank would surely burst in the middle of summer. Solar hot Water tanks commonly are designed by a team of at least 60 engineers to make sure that there won’t be any disasters when the sun comes out.

When you install a Solar Hot Water, you have to remember that the water is not being heated inside the tank, the water is being heated by the solar collectors. This means that you must have cold water enter the tank, then circulate to the collectors on the roof to be heated, and then back into the tank. There is extra installation work with a solar. You must remember though, that once you have installed a Solar Hot Water, decades from when it is installed and it needs replacing, all of the pipework is already there; meaning that purchasing Solar Hot Water the second time around is greatly cheaper to install than fie first time.

Why should I buy from Insolar?

At Insolar, we have more than three decades in house expertise. We have been here since 2002, which also means we were selling these systems long before most of our competitors realized there were rebates available. We’re not here to give people cheap systems and then disappear when the rebates do, we’re here for the long run! We can find the best system for you because we do not sell only one brand of Solar, we are multi branded, each application giving a different solution to best suit every one of our customers.