Victoria’s most experienced retailer

Established in June 2000 Insolar is Victoria’s most experienced and independent retailer/wholesalers of solar hot water systems. Insolar can tailor the right system to meet your solar hot water needs. We supply roof-mounted and ground-tank systems, flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors as well as heat pumps from a range of suppliers.

Solar Hot Water Solutions

We can help you make the right choice. Insolar stocks a number of brands and the full range of solar hot water technologies so that we can offer you independent advice leading to the right solution for your solar hot water needs.

Insolar Believes In

Supporting Sustainability

We will offer you high quality products made of durable materials such as stainless steel and copper first, but can also supply less expensive products to meet your price point.

Supporting Australia

We will always support Australian companies where possible, but will offer imported products too, especially when there is no Australian made competing product.

Supporting You

We have the expertise to help you understand the government rebate schemes and accurately evaluate your entitlements. Allow us to assist you in recovering as much of the cost as possible.

Wood Fire

Wood Fire boosting is a good option with solar, as the time of year you need to boost your solar hot water happens to be the same time of the year you need to heat your home. Wood fire boosting is a speciality of Insolar and we supply a range of suitable wood fires / stoves as well as retrofit kits for existing slow combustion fires.

We stock a range of systems to suit every situation and every budget. Insolar has a payment plan option with a small admin fee and no interest ever. Fortnightly or monthly payments bring these greenhouse gas saving technologies within everybody’s reach.

Talk to us. We can offer you the best technology solution at the best price with the maximum possible rebates.