The Australian Valve Group is a privately owned Australian company, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with a national distribution network throughout Australia with offices and warehousing in Perth and Melbourne.

The primary focus of the company is to design, manufacture and distribute a range of heating and control valves for the world and the Australian domestic, industrial and commercial plumbing industry.

All AVG valves carry the WATERMARK and meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards and are manufactured using stringent ISO9002 – ISO 140001 systems

Sanden Australia

  • Red Circle Installation Quickie Kit

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    The Red Circle Quickie Kit contains all the required plumbing connections and accessories to install a Red Circle System.

  • AVG – Flow Meter

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    The AVG Flow Meter- 2.5L is normally used with evacuated tube systems – and is designed using DR brass for resistance to dezincification and high temperature seals and plastic components to resist the high temperatures found in solar hot water heaters.

  • AVG FPV – Frost Protection Valve

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    The Frost Protection Valve ( FPV ) is designed to open and let out water to protect a solar collector panel from frost damage when the outside air temperature drops allowing warm water from the solar storage cylinder to flow through the solar collector panel.

  • AVG AEHT10 High Temperature Solar Automatic Air Eliminator

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    The high temperature automatic air eliminator was developed by AVG in consultation with solar hot water industry experts to help systems better handle the extreme conditions of the Australian summer. The AEHT-10 has no polymer components and is designed to handle temperatures in excess of 200°C.